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December 18, 2013:
Is White Bull the next Bath Salts, or is it just another research chemical that is going to fizzle out after a few months.


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This is going to sound crazy, but I'll bet that the people who are selling this illicit substance are making a play on the name of an energy drink that is a favorite of people who like to mix it with vodka and stay awake in nightclubs.

Is White Bull the next drug addiction problem?

Prepare For Horror Stories in 5...4...3...2...

White BullWhite Bull is the latest new superdrug being cooked up in small labs around the world, and which will probably be outlawed like Spice, K2, "herbal incense," and bath salts formulations as soon as a single sad story comes out. Here's the formula: parents notice that their young adult child is acting strangely, starts hearing voices and seeing things that are not there, and steals to pay for his relatively cheap "White Bull" habit. Politicians get into action and ban the drug, which fuels more publicity and gets the seller to buy a slightly different form of the drug for 3 more months until that formulation is banned. Someone starts running around in public without clothes, chewing on strangers, and exhibits superhuman strength until the police have to intervene, and then more attention is given to the drug problem.

People who may have had other drug addiction and treatment issues chime in on how White Bull (or whatever you call it) is "even worse" than the heroin, cocaine, nitrus oxide, and chai tea that they also casually use. Dateline NBC mentions White Bull and tells you where it is legal, and how to get it, and then has a new horror story about a teenage girl that used it and did one of the many things that teenagers do when they use any substance including alcohol. Drug treatment center counselors are quoted as saying that the drug addiction requires special treatment, beyond their usual $40,000 a month stay, but luckily they have just added beds at their Malibu Drug Addiction clinic. At this point, another drug comes along and all the ravers start using it instead. In the meantime, the FBI reports a decline in "illegal" drug use without mentioning that people have switched to far more dangerous and cheaper substitutes. At the end of the day, society is a little worse off and we have too many laws, with more people in prison for possessing a powder that was perfectly legal the day before.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: So basically, people are willing to snort just about any white powder sold in small jars at smoke shops. Still, you can't beat Krokodil for causing skin to fall off and killing you.